Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council

Tax-Work-Off Program

OCTOBER 12th 2011- Press Release


 Orlando Ramos announces his proposal for a Tax-Work-Off program for seniors

Candidate for City Council Ward 8, Orlando Ramos, announces his plans to propose a tax-work-off program to help senior citizens save on their property taxes.  Under this program, qualified seniors are allowed to work-off a portion of their property tax bill by providing labor to the school department or other municipal departments—such as the Springfield Libraries.  Although there have been proposals in the past, none have made it out of committee.

“I believe that during a time when people are losing their homes in record numbers, it is essential for city government to look into creative ways to help homeowners save on their property tax bill—for example, a tax-work-off program” said Ramos.  Holyoke, Chicopee, and Wilbraham are just a few neighboring towns that offer a property tax break through similar programs for senior citizens.

“This is a win-win for the city and its residents.  The City will benefit from having experienced seniors give back and become more involved in their communities, and the seniors will get a well-deserved break on their tax bills.  I fully support the idea of having a tax-work-off program in the City of Springfield” added Ramos.

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