Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council

Orlando Ramos Cites 3 Areas in Ward 8 in Need of Serious Infrastructure Improvements

OCTOBER 25th 2011- Press Release


Ward 8 City Council Candidate Orlando Ramos says he will prioritize three vital traffic projects in his district when he becomes City Councilor. “Efficient traffic flow and improvements can have a great effect on economic development, public safety and overall quality of life” stated Ramos.

Bay Street Improvement Project

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Bay Street Expansion Project:

The traffic on Bay Street—the stretch from Central High School to the Berkshire Avenue intersection—has been a problem for many years, particularly during rush hour. Candidate Orlando Ramos says that that there has been a Bay Street expansion project in the works for some time now to widen the street and accommodate two lanes of traffic. If elected, he said, he would work diligently in order to expedite the process, and alleviate the traffic problem in that area. “This will also help with some of the speeding in that neighborhood; a lot of the speeding comes from drivers using the side streets as shortcuts, putting pedestrians—including children and seniors—at risk” Ramos said.

Boston Road Improvement Project:

Boston RoadIn addition to the Bay Street expansion project, Ramos says he would also like to see improvements made to the corner of Boston Road and Pasco Road. “It was a failed experiment.

The Boston Road shopping district is a crucial part of the city’s overall economy. It is time that we give it the attention that it needs, and make the necessary repairs to improve the conditions of the road, all the way up to the Eastfield Mall.”

In 2008, a $1.4 Billion transportation bond was approved—and included $10 Million for the Boston Road project. “I will work hand in hand with the state legislature to ensure that this project is successfully completed on schedule. With my construction background, I am certain that I am the right person for the job”

Page Blvd SidewalkPage Blvd. Sidewalk Project:

Anyone who is familiar with the stretch of road on Page Blvd that connects Indian Orchard and East Springfield knows that there is a need for sidewalks along that road. For many years, this has been a danger for the pedestrians as well as the drivers. “With the prospect of acquiring the park known as

Plastics Park from Solutia Inc., it is imperative that the city government look for ways to fund the project. As City Councilor, I will work closely with state and federal legislators and/or agencies to address the problem.”

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