Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council


No one enjoys paying taxes; but taxes are necessary in order to keep our city running efficiently. While that is true, the residents of the city expect their city government to work in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner-to ensure the people that their tax dollars are being spent wisely.


Tax Work-Off Program:

TaxesThe current tax rate in the city of Springfield is $19.49 for homeowners (per $1,000 property value) and $38.97 tax rate for commercial and industrial property. This equates the highest business property taxes in the state of Massachusetts. The idea of having the highest property taxes in the state is enough to prevent businesses from wanting to do business here, and make people think twice about purchasing property in the city.

I believe that during a time when people are losing their homes in record numbers, it is essential for city government to look into ways to help people save on their property tax bill-for example, Holyoke, Chicopee, and Wilbraham are just a few neighboring towns that offer a property tax break through a program for senior citizens. Under this program, qualified seniors are allowed to work-off a portion of their property tax bill by providing labor to the school department or municipal departments. I fully support the idea of having a similar tax-work-off proposal in the City of Springfield.

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