Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council

Issue By Neighborhood

Indian Orchard:


Immaculate Conception Church on Parker Street Indian Orchard

Immaculate Conception Church:
In 2009-as a member of the Indian Orchard Citizens Council-I voted in favor of a zone change from residence B to residence A; in order to help prevent the sale of the land to CVS. This was the first step in helping save the church. As a member of the community, I stood side by side with the members of the church during this tough time (see video). Thanks to the effort of their dedicated members and the people of Indian Orchard, the church was eventually saved.

I.O. Youth & Family Center:

Orlando Ramos with JFK Middle School students during a field trip to the Fighting Arts Academy at the conclusion of a 12 week self-defense class

Orlando Ramos with JFK Middle School students during a field trip to the Fighting Arts Academy at the conclusion of a 12 week self-defense class

In early 2010, I worked together with the city’s Parks Department to successfully apply for funding toward a year-long basketball program to be held at the John F. Kennedy Middle School. In addition to basketball, I worked together with staff, parents, students, and community members, to provide math tutoring, boy scouts, and a twelve week self-defense course for the students. I envision this school as potentially being a place that provides much more to the community-”a community school.” I have been working-and will continue to work-on finding ways to fund the repairs of the JFK swimming pool. The swimming pool will be a major part of the overall plan to bring a community center (The Indian Orchard Youth & Family Center) to this location. This community center will have activities for the whole family-including seniors.

Pine Point:

Bay Street Improvement ProjectBay Street Improvement Project:
I was raised by a single mother in the Pine Point section of Springfield-on Manilla Avenue. One of the major issues affecting Pine Point has to do with traffic. Traffic on Bay Street (the stretch from Central High School to the Berkshire Avenue intersection) has been a problem for many years-particularly during rush hour. I learned through a meeting with DPW, that there has been a Bay Street expansion project in the works for some time now to widen the street and accommodate two lanes of traffic. As your City Councilor I will work together with the Department of Public Works in order to expedite the process, and alleviate the traffic problem in that area.

East Springfield

Page Blvd SidewalkPage Blvd. Sidewalk Project
Anyone who is familiar with the stretch of road on Page Blvd that connects Indian Orchard and East Springfield knows that there is a need for sidewalks along that road. For many years, this has been a danger for the pedestrians as well as the drivers. With the prospect of acquiring the park known as “Plastics Park” from Solutia Inc., it is imperative that the city government look for ways to fund the project. As City Councilor, I will work closely with state and federal legislators and/or agencies to address the problem.

Boston RoadBoston Road:

A voice in Government:
Because the Boston Road Civic Association is no longer active, it is essential for the residents of the Boston Rd. neighborhood to have accessibility to local government through their ward councilor. If elected, I vow to be not only the voice, but the ears for the people in every neighborhood in ward 8. This website will play a major role in my overall community outreach plan-in addition to holding office hours in various locations in the ward.

Boston Road Shopping DistrictBoston Road Improvement Project
The Boston Road shopping district is a crucial part of the city’s overall economy. It is time that we give it the attention that it needs; and make the necessary repairs to improve the conditions of the road. The corner of Boston Road & Pasco Road was a failed experiment. We need to improve the conditions of the road at this intersection and the all the way up to the Eastfield Mall. In 2008, a $1.4 Billion transportation bond was approved-and included $10 Million for the Boston Road project. If elected, I will work hand in hand with the state legislature to ensure that this project is successfully completed on schedule. I will also advocate for a neighborhood (police) sub-station in order to improve the response time for the residents and local businesses in that area-should there be an emergency.

Sixteen Acres:

Ward 8 also includes a small section of Sixteen Acres. Sixteen Acres is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city of Springfield. I want to make sure that we keep it that way. I Parker Streetunderstand that one of the most important qualities that people want in their leadership is the ability and willingness to listen to their concerns. As your City Councilor, I vow to be not only the voice, but the ears for the people in every neighborhood in ward 8.

Parker Street:
Although each neighborhood has its share of speeding problems, Parker Street seems to be one of the biggest. If I am elected, I intend to work together with the Springfield Police Department in order to address the issue, and help reduce the danger.

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