Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council

Economic Development

The city of Springfield has a lot of potential for economic development. Earlier this year, I had the privilege of being appointed- by the Mayor-as License Commissioner. The License Commission plays a major role in economic development-in the entertainment district, and in job creation/retention. 

I wholeheartedly believe that this city has the talent and the potential to thrive in the coming years; the only component that is missing from the equation is “opportunity.” As your City Councilor, I will do my best to provide that opportunity for our residents.

Chapman Valve Site

Old Chapman Valve Site on Pinevale Street in Indian Orchard

Redevelopment of Chapman Valve site:

On May 12th 2011, Western Massachusetts Electric Company broke ground on the development of a large-scale solar energy facility in Indian Orchard. The site-which had been vacant for many years-covers 12 acres and will accommodate 8,200 solar panels and produce 2.2 MW of electricity (enough to power an estimated 400 homes). This project will bring up to $12Million of new construction to the city and is expected to contribute $400k in property tax revenue to the City of Springfield annually.

Directly across the street is the old Chapman Valve site (about 40 acres). As a member of the Indian Orchard Citizens Council I have heard many residents’ concerns about this site. I believe that it is in the city’s-and neighborhood’s-best interest to begin the process of looking into having a medical center/ medical plaza at this location. This will make it easier for seniors and low income families-many of which do not have their own transportation-to have better access to immediate medical care. As your City Councilor, I will make it a priority to meet with Bay State Medical Center to discuss the possibility of utilizing the land for that purpose. In addition, I will initiate discussions with the Walgreens Corporation-who has also expressed interest in investing in Indian Orchard-about the possibility of choosing this site for development.

Job Creation:

Orlando Ramos with workers at the new Putnam High School; this job is currently under the REO requirements

Orlando Ramos with workers at the new Putnam High School, this job is currently under the REO requirements

The City of Springfield has to do better at keeping the jobs in the city for its residents. As one of the authors of the Responsible Employer Ordinance-a piece of legislation which includes a 35% residency requirement, 20% minority requirement, and 5% female requirement-I contributed, and was successful in securing jobs for city residents in the construction industry. In addition-through my participation in two programs called “Springfield Works” and the “Alliance/Alianza”-I helped prepare many Springfield residents for a career in construction. As a result, we were able to help dozens of young men and women from Springfield through the process of successfully completing a pre-apprenticeship program. Two of the young men in the photo are graduates of the program.

I also believe that in order to strengthen our local economy, the city should make an effort to keep local contracts for local businesses and offer incentives for companies who exceed the minimal residency requirements.

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