Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council

Bay Street Improvement Project

Orlando Ramos

Orlando Ramos

Orlando Ramos—candidate for City Council Ward 8—is raising concerns regarding one of the most traffic-congested areas in the City of Springfield.  Traffic on Bay Street (the stretch from Central High School to the Berkshire Avenue intersection) has been a problem for many years-particularly during rush hour.  Ramos said that he contacted the DPW a few years ago and learned that there has been a Bay Street expansion project in the works for some time.  The plan included widening the street to accommodate two lanes of traffic.

“I was raised in Pine Point and I remember it (the traffic) being bad when I was a kid.  If elected I will make this project a priority” said Ramos.

Ramos says that some of the speeding issues in the neighborhood can also be attributed to the traffic congestion.  “A lot of drivers speed down Jasper Street, Marsden Street, and Hood Street just to cut through and avoid the traffic.  With all of the children living in this neighborhood, it’s a major safety concern and should be addressed as promptly as possible.”

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