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Orlando RamosWelcome to the “Ask Orlando” page.  As I have stated before, I am not a politician; and I do not believe in dirty politics.  Politics can sometimes turn into a dirty game of rumors; it is easy for people to vote for or against a candidate based on a rumor they read somewhere or heard from someone else. Because of this, I want to make it a priority to give the voters an opportunity to ask me a question directly – and not rely on other inaccurate sources of information.

On this page you will be able to ask me a question, and I will post my answer (along with your question) for others to read.  I welcome all questions relevant to our campaign, the issues facing the city, or questions about me the person; please feel free to ask about anything that will help you make a decision in November.  Comments are also welcome.

Thank you, and God Bless.

- Orlando Ramos

Questions and Answers

What changes can you make to Springfield that other candidates haven’t or have failed to do? – Yolimar

Well Yolimar, I’d like to thank you for taking the initiative and asking your question through FB.

I believe that what sets me apart from the others is the fact that I bring a new form of leadership; and fresh ideas.  Most of the ideas listed on my Issues pages are issues that have not yet been addressed or resolved by other candidates.  For example, although Indian Orchard has the highest concentration of senior citizens, we do not have a senior center.  If elected, I will do everything in my power to bring a senior center to Indian Orchard.  I am also committed to addressing the issue of “absentee landlords” by proposing a Landlord Registration Ordinance.  In addition, I have a 5 point plan to help reduce the drop-out rate within the public school system.

Hello Orlando, my name is Tiffany and the question I have for you is where do we vote? Me and my husband have never voted in our lives and wish to vote for you.

Hi Tiffany,
Thank you for your question.  You are in precint H, which means that your voting location is the Pine Point Community Council 335 Berkshire Ave. For more details visit our voter information page. Seeing as you have never voted before, I am honored to have your first vote; and I look forward to serving as your city councilor. :-)

Can votes outside of Springfield be accounted for? ~ Chandra in Boston, MA.

Hi Chandra,
I appreciate your support but only Springfield residents who live in Ward 8 can vote for me.  But you can still help by spreading the word about our campaign. See our volunteers page for more info.

What can be done for the special needs students such as Autism, ADHD, and so forth, as far as tutoring or after school programs?

Any child in the public school system can participate in after school programs and tutoring; including students with special needs.  Each school is assigned an evaluation team leader that will help with the process. Contact your child’s school and find out who it is. Please give me a call if there is anything else I can do to help.


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