Orlando Ramos

Candidate for Ward 8 Springfield City Council

2nd Annual C.O.R.I. Independence Day


2nd Annual C.O.R.I. Independence Day


The 2nd Annual C.O.R.I. Independence Day is scheduled for Thursday June 30th from 12noon to 6pm at Blunt Park 2460 Roosevelt Avenue Springfield.  The Springfield Health Disparities Project, which is the local chapter of a national organization called Universal Community Voices Eliminating Disparities, will be hosting the event sponsored by local businesses and local community people.

Last year’s C.O.R.I. Independence Day drew over 750 people from Springfield and the surrounding communities.  The event was organized by volunteers including Orlando Ramos.  “With the help of volunteer attorneys and law students we were able to help hundreds of people in the process of obtaining a copy of their C.O.R.I., and even help some of the participants begin the process of sealing their records” said Ramos.

Volunteers also provided the participants with information about the new C.O.R.I. Reform bill that passed the state legislature last August.

“The recent tornado has highlighted the importance for people to know what is on their record—and take the necessary steps to clear their record if eligible—because of the amount of volunteers that were turned away for failing the required background checks, and the now homeless people that will unfortunately continue to be denied housing due to their past record.” Ramos added.



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